When you work with Softweb Solutions, you get to focus on delivering a good conversational UX to your customers without getting bogged down in development related complexities.

Our chatbot platform helps you build AI bots in minutes and deploy them across your enterprise without the need to know coding. It is perfect for building bots for use within various departments or even within teams!

Our custom chatbot development services are for enterprises that want their chatbot to work in a very particular way or want it built using a certain technology.


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10 reasons to choose us for your chatbots

  • Take care of administrative tasks
  • Alert managers regarding project delays
  • Generate various reports and quick insights
  • Serve as sales / customer service representative
  • Get a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Save employee time spent on learning new tools

Detailed uses of chatbots across various industries

Check out our use cases for a clear picture on how bots can transform your business

Let’s go!

  • Deployment across all the major channels
  • Drag and drop functionality with our chatbot platform
  • Natural language processing and machine learning capabilities
  • Chatbot hosting on the cloud or on premises
  • Integration with ERP/CRM systems and other databases
  • Chatbot analytics to identify user trends
  • Complete control of the chatbot’s code
  • Capable of supporting rich content
  • Pre-built chatbots that can be deployed quickly
  • Excellent documentation and support services

Why you should build a chatbot for your business


Chatbot Development Package

Softweb Solutions can help companies build chatbots which will provide an unparalleled experience to their customers and automate a number of tasks.

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Develop intelligent chatbots for all the major channels

  • Office 365

  • Native SMS

  • Slack

  • Skype

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Salesforce

  • SugarCRM

  • Telegram

  • Web Chat

  • Kik

  • Symphony

  • GroupMe

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Twilio

  • Cortana

  • Skype for Business

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Are you planning to integrate bots in your business processes or launch customer-oriented bots?

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