Quality assessment standards

Comprehension Capabilities

Chatbots designed by Softweb Solutions are tested to give the minimal number of errors, and at some point if chatbots don’t have a response, it will transfer the query to a human agent.


Our chatbots follow industry standard best practices to make sure they serve the core purpose of the engagement and ensure that the overall experience is interactive and not monotonous.


Softweb Solutions’ architects and engineers make sure that the server environment provides high uptime and the chatbots are able to give immediate responses to any queries or questions asked by users.


We design chatbots that support various industry technology environments. So regardless of the server environment that you have, our tags would work in either of them.


Chatbots designed by Softweb’s engineers will be deployed in such a manner that they would be able to support other channels as well.

Intent Understanding

Conversational UX design by Softweb is implemented considering various business scenarios. Because of which tags are mapped to relevant utterances providing optimized results.

Build. Chat. Transform

Who we are

We are Softweb Solutions, a tech consulting as well as development company in Chicago, providing numerous mobile, web, data and IoT-based solutions to businesses far and wide. Our extensive experience with a host of technologies and business solutions has enabled us to move to newer technologies and further our cause of transforming businesses worldwide.

Change is constant, but with our experience, we can easily handle it

We have transformed several businesses by helping them to move from legacy systems to the latest industrial standards so that they can keep up with the rising demands of their customers and provide better experiences.

Conversational UX


Conversational UI and UX is the ideal way to engage users and keep them interested while delivering an experience which helps them to get the desired result without any hitches. These are the best practices that we follow when developing chatbots.

  • Striving for consistency
  • Providing a way back for users
  • Avoiding long paragraphs
  • Cross platform / device testing
  • Optimum user experience
  • Undo and Cancel as options
  • Safe professional humor

Bot implementation strategy

Softweb Solutions help businesses delight their customers and increase the efficiency of their employees at every opportunity by helping them develop smart chatbots that perform round the clock.

Our five-phase approach in building chatbots


  • Service optimization
  • End-user gain analysis
  • Deciding the overall aim of the bot and decision makers


  • Scope definition
  • Conversation tree
  • Data sources to be used
  • Expected output
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) – involves free text input

Bot development

  • User engagement with conversation design
  • Binary options for conversation flow
  • Appropriate multiple choice questions


  • Launching to a closed group before it goes live
  • Ensuring launch on the right messaging apps
  • Training the botmaster to handle maintenance
  • Developing user retention and engagement strategies

Natural language processing retraining

  • Studying the user reaction
  • Bot usage analysis
  • Creating a NLP retraining program based on these inputs
  • Delivering a self-training NLP-driven bot

Why we are the ideal bot development company

  • We possess the expertise and vast experience in developing bots for various industries and have carved a niche for ourselves by excelling in software development.
  • We understand how businesses work and how efficiently bots can help you to stay ahead of the competition.
  • We deliver positive business results that enable our customers to succeed in what they do and extend round-the-clock support for better performance.
  • We provide quick and hassle-free solutions to all types of business problems.
  • We follow best-practices defined by the industry and guarantee total safety and security of your data

AI-based bot development timeline (Duration 4-6 weeks)


Requirement Analysis/Conceptualization


Use-case & Story-boarding


Conversational UI/UX


Train NLP, Test Use-cases for UAT


NLP/AI Integration


Test API Connectivity


Smart Bot Launch

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We don't work on every technology under the sun, but we come pretty close!

Softweb Solutions has a team of expert developers, scientists and analysts to offer best-in-class services to SMBs and large enterprises. We cater to all your technology needs and provide top-notch Internet of Things, Data Science, Enterprise Mobility and open source solutions to make your workplace smarter.

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