Why you should create a bot for your bank

Banking can get more personalized when you create a chatbot. With AI capabilities chatbots can help banks streamline their operations, deliver better customer support, provide financial advice, prevent fraud and cross sell personalized products. Customers can be served 24/7.


An organized approach to handle finances with banking bot

Banks and financial institutions can team up with Softweb Solutions to provide superior service to their customers through banking bot development. Now that live chat has become commonplace within the banking sector, chatbot banking can be equally, and sometimes, more convenient and secure for financial transactions. In addition, chatbots also promote customer self-service, which is quite cheaper as compared to the channels that require constant human intervention.

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    Assure account security

    Using chatbots, banks can instantly alert customers about potential fraud to further detect and prevent any suspicious transactions. Such a conversational interface can establish trust among customers and increase customer satisfaction.

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    Redefine assistance

    A banking bot can act as a personal banking assistant that can answer most of the customers’ questions that are related to their account activities and new services that are offered by the bank.

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    Mortgage advisor or loan advisor

    With the help of finance bot developers, banks can provide advice related to mortgage or loans to their customers on the fly. This will help customers to pick between various mortgage/loan offerings and find the product that best suits them.

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    Reward customers through offers and loyalty points

    Customers, who have remained loyal to your bank or financial institution for years, deserve to be rewarded. Banks can promote their loyalty programs and reward their customers with a points system or offers.

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    Personal banker for financial advice

    A bot can help banks to work together with customers to help them achieve their financial goals. Customers can get financial guidance directly from their banks and know different ways to save and invest their hard-earned money.

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    Expense tracker Bot

    A chatbot can remind customers about their due payments and get them started with the transactions with the ease of a click. Banking bots can make customers’ finances more organized and let them keep track of their spending.

Business benefits of using a banking bot

Provide financial advice to customers
Cross-selling and upselling opportunities
Customers get access to accounts 24/7
Omnichannel presence for banks
Faster and secure transactions
Grab the tech-savvy millennial market

Develop bots that work across all
the leading social messaging applications

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Our bots are compatible with the most popular collaboration channels, thus extending your reach.



We take a personalized approach to design, develop, and deploy intelligent bots according to your business requirements.



Our bot development service adopts a faster and easier approach so that you can reap maximum business benefits.

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