Create and deploy a chatbot in minutes

  • Identify chatbots as per your business needs and start creating them
  • Create modules for the chatbot and configure settings
  • Connect modules with each other by identifying the trigger point or navigation point
  • Test your bot in the quick handy area
  • Configure and activate bot on different channels for end users
  • Your chatbot is now ready to communicate with the users

Why Alan?

Our chatbot platform has been named in honor of Alan Turing, the breaker of Enigma codes in WW2 and the father of modern computing. The Turing Test that he developed is a benchmark in the field of artificial intelligence and something that all of us in the AI industry are hoping to meet one day.

Alan is our humble endeavor in this regard and something that we are working on every day to make it better and better and hopefully pass the Turing Test one day. One of these days, you might be talking to a chatbot created by Alan whom you might mistake for one of our employees!

Who can use Alan?

Alan is meant for enterprises that need to create and deploy several chatbots on a regular basis on multiple channels.

The platform can be hosted on premises or on the cloud; the choice is yours! We give you full control over it including the code and even the maintenance aspects of it.

Its drag-and-drop interface means that it can be used by everyone in your organization to create chatbots whenever required. There are absolutely no coding skills needed to develop a chatbot when using Alan. It integrates with all the major CRM and ERP systems and can be deployed on all the popular channels.

ALAN – AI Platform

You will be able to integrate all the popular social messaging applications or even in-house apps with Alan.

The Cognitive Services will offer you image recognition and management features that are supported by Microsoft Vision API and Microsoft Speech API. Language understanding is supported by NLP using Microsoft LUIS.

Alan provides you with features such as personalized authentication, authorization, custom knowledge base, business logic, LOB app integration, bot administration, channel configurator and workflow configurator.

Azure Machine Learning is used as the recommendation engine in Bot Web API. Web API is supported and connected to store or search data from the database.

Alan is also integrated to the Connector for data extraction, and the Rest API can easily connect you to any third party API, data lake and microservice.

Alan – a bot platform built to handle enterprise workloads.

Create your bots

Benefits of Alan’s on-premises version

  • Reduced total cost of ownership – The one-time cost of buying and installing Alan in your IT environment is cheaper than using other platforms that are available on a SaaS model.
  • No user licenses – There are no recurring costs related to user licenses since you can create and deploy as many chatbots as needed.
  • Complete control over systems – You will own your data, the hardware that you use and the chatbot platform. This means you get complete control over your data.
  • No dependency on external factors – By hosting the platform on-premises, your chatbots can operate on the company Intranet without depending on access to third-party tools.

Alan can help you build chatbots to serve multiple business purposes within the organization

Core competencies of Alan – Enterprise AI chatbot platform

  • Build multiple chatbots
  • Deploy chatbots on major channels
  • No coding skills required
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop templates
  • Inbuilt AI capability (NLP and ML)
  • Easy integration with ERP, CRM and databases
  • Detailed bot analytics

Why custom bot development is better than DIY bot builders

  • Chatbots built using a DIY bot platform have limited scope of scalability
  • Most DIY platforms only let you build rule-based chatbots
  • Not ideal for enterprises since DIY platforms do not hand over full control of the chatbot

10 features your chatbot platform needs

Businesses now understand the importance of chatbots to improve operations, productivity, and revenue. And, to build a powerful chatbot, organizations need the right bot platform. Check out the things to consider before buying or developing a bot platform.

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