Create and deploy a chatbot in minutes

  • Identify chatbots as per your business needs and start creating them
  • Create modules for the chatbot and configure settings
  • Connect modules with each other by identifying the trigger point or navigation point
  • Test your bot in the quick handy area
  • Configure and activate bot on different channels for end users
  • Your chatbot is now ready to communicate with the users

Why Alan?

Our chatbot platform has been named in honor of Alan Turing, the breaker of Enigma codes in WW2 and the father of modern computing. The Turing Test that he developed is a benchmark in the field of artificial intelligence and something that all of us in the AI industry are hoping to meet one day.

Alan is our humble endeavor in this regard and something that we are working on every day to make it better and better and hopefully pass the Turing Test one day. One of these days, you might be talking to a chatbot created by Alan whom you might mistake for one of our employees!

Who can use Alan?

Alan is meant for enterprises that need to create and deploy several chatbots on a regular basis on multiple channels.

The platform can be hosted on premises or on the cloud; the choice is yours! We give you full control over it including the code and even the maintenance aspects of it.

Its drag-and-drop interface means that it can be used by everyone in your organization to create chatbots whenever required. There are absolutely no coding skills needed to develop a chatbot when using Alan. It integrates with all the major CRM and ERP systems and can be deployed on all the popular channels.

Alan – a bot platform built to handle enterprise workloads.

Create your bots

Helps you build bots for all your departments and processes

Works across all industries

Benefits of Alan

  • Take full control of the platform – no dependency on SaaS model
  • Turns out cheaper compared to platforms that charge for monthly subscriptions
  • Generate more leads by communicating with your prospects immediately & 24/7

Alan – the complete chatbot development platform

  • Build chatbots for internal departments or even teams
  • Deploy across all the major channels or on internal messaging apps
  • No coding required – graphical interface helps non-techies use it easily with a drag-and-drop template
  • In-built AI capability (NLP and ML) ensures that the chatbots you build understand natural language and give intelligent responses
  • Integrates with all your ERP, CRM and internal databases
  • Provides access to detailed bot analytics to find out how your users are interacting with your chatbots

10 features your chatbot platform needs

Businesses now understand the importance of chatbots to improve operations, productivity, and revenue. And, to build a powerful chatbot, organizations need the right bot platform. Check out the things to consider before buying or developing a bot platform.

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