Softweb Solutions is a cognitive consulting service provider with deep industry experience in cognitive technologies, including computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics and automation. Using cognitive services helps organizations in generating insights to decrease costs, enhance efficiency, boost revenue and improve customer support.

We have thoroughly researched the current market trends, business processes, and products, based on which we can recommend you the best cognitive solution for your business domain. Our experts are well-versed in integrating cognitive APIs of all the major cognitive services providers, including Microsoft and IBM. We specialize in developing applications by integrating cognitive services API for all the industries.

By 2018 half of all consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing on a regular basis IDC

Build intelligent chatbots using powerful APIs

We are well-versed in developing a chatbot by integrating cognitive services APIs in order to personalize the experience of the users. A chatbot with cognitive computing APIs brings a certain level of intelligence in communication like understanding the user’s requirements depending on their past communication, recommendations provided and more. Besides, if you build an intelligent chatbot with powerful APIs, it constantly keeps learning, enhancing, and becoming smarter.

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We know how to leverage cognitive service APIs for your business

Face API

Find, analyze, organize, and tag faces in photos based on attributes like age, emotion, gender, pose, smile, facial hair and more

Emotion API

Personalize user experiences by analyzing faces to detect a range of emotions

Computer Vision API

Extract rich information from images to classify and process visual data

Video Indexer API

Extract insights from the videos and improve the content discovery experience


Develop language models and allow applications or bot to understand commands and act accordingly

Tradeoff Analytics API

Helps to narrow down from the multiple options and choose the most appropriate option

Text Analytics API

Detect and analyze language, sentiment, key phrases and extract insights from the text

Speaker Recognition API

Identify particular speakers or make use of speech to verify or authenticate

QnA Maker API

Quickly create, train and publish a simple question and answer chatbot by using structured documents, FAQ URLs, or editorial content

Tone Analyzer API

Learn the tone of your customers’ verbal & written communications and respond appropriately

Personality Insights API

Understand customers’ habits and preferences by predicting personality characteristics, values, and needs through written text

Visual Recognition API

Rapidly and accurately tag, classify and train visual content using machine learning and natural language classification feature

Cognitive services – Applicable across all industries


Offer seamless shopping experience by engaging customers and resolving their problems. Also help sellers to showcase the right products and to simplify the payment process.


Provide educators with suggestions on how to improve their method of teaching by letting them know the learning styles, skills, and interests of students.


Supports manufacturers in efficiently optimizing their performance and in decreasing downtime to help them in intelligent asset as well as equipment management.


Enhances agent’s decision making by providing right data and helps in detecting fraudulent activities. It can also help in improving customer experience and SLA response time.


Helps in reducing operational costs and make informed decisions by analyzing the present life events, market conditions, client’s past decisions, and current offerings.


Enhance decision making regarding vaccine releases, thus supporting doctors in making detailed diagnoses and delivering more personalized patient care.


Implement proactive changes to ongoing campaigns after understanding individual customer behavior in order to increase conversion rate and brand loyalty.

Supply chain

Reduce risks by automating the procurement processes. Moreover, deliver orders on time by simplifying the order management, inventory management, and shipment tracking.

Human resources

Improve recruiter productivity and eliminate HR-related intricacies. It also facilitates employees with learning recommendations based on their roles and career development plans.

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Top-notch cognitive technologies we use to develop intelligent applications

Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services provides a group of APIs, SDKs, and services available to developers to make your applications more engaging and intelligent. Microsoft Cognitive services have the capabilities of machine learning APIs that help you effortlessly integrate intelligent features in your application such as video detection, emotion detection, speech, vision and facial recognition as well as language understanding.

IBM Watson Cognitive Services

IBM Watson provides deep content analysis and evidence-based reasoning for expediting and improving your decisions, cutting costs and optimizing results. Watson utilizes a set of revolutionizing technologies that leverage natural language, evidence-based learning and hypothesis generating. With their advanced Cognitive APIs such as vision, speech, and language, Watson can actually change the entire approach to problem-solving.

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