Conversational UX lets your customers interact with your business through an automated conversational interface that keeps improving and gives more relevant responses over time based on user input.

The core idea behind conversational UX is that technology should be as simple to use as possible. Your customers or your employees should have access to information without having to learn how to operate new devices and applications.

You can develop an AI-powered chatbot for use within your enterprise or create one to engage your customers. With natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) your smart chatbot will better understand the intent of the human and carry out a more natural, and human-like communication.


The Evolution of Conversational UX

  • Chatbots overview
  • Trending in 2017 – message recognition and voice assistance
  • Chatbots and UX: user expectations
  • Trends beyond 2017: AR, UX, or messaging
  • Challenges in designing chatbots
  • Designing chatbots – current recommended tools
  • Demos

Deliver great conversational experiences across multiple channels


Apps for voice assistants

We believe that voice assistants have a lot of potential and both enterprises and consumers are going to adopt them in a huge manner in the next few years. This is why we are exploring use cases and developing apps for all the major voice assistants – Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana.

Developing apps for voice assistants lets you tap into new revenue channels by making it easy for your customers to place orders. You can also develop voice assistants for your employees to help them access information quickly.



Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding, both are a part of AI. We offer excellent NLP-NLU services that take the best technologies available in the market in order to build chatbots and voice assistants that understand what you are saying.

NLP-NLU can help you manage end-to-end interactions between machines and human. You can develop a good NLP based conversational UX that allows your machine to talk humanly.


Cognitive services

We offer cognitive services that can help you generate insights deeper into your industry. Our cognitive services are combination of computer vision, machine learning, NLP, speech recognition, text analytics and automation.

Our cognitive service experts can help you with insights to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, boost revenue and improve customer support. Our experts are advanced to help you integrate cognitive APIs, including Microsoft and IBM t o help you get started with the best cognitive solution for your enterprise.



You can develop a chatbot for use within your enterprise or create one to engage your customers. Chatbot have applications in almost every industry and the biggest one is delivering better customer service while reducing your costs. A single chatbot can work as your customer service agent across all the popular channels and that too 24/7/365!

There are many other use cases that we have developed for chatbots. Contact us to know how chatbots can help your organization.

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