Why you should create an AI bot for your customer service department

According to BI Intelligence, customer service bots can save companies $23 billion in salaries annually. When you build a chatbot with artificial intelligence, you not only improve customer service experience, but you also improve customer loyalty, brand reputation, preventive assistance as well as generation of revenue streams.


Build customer service bots to provide a better experience to your customers

Softweb Solutions can help you with improved customer service, real-time updates and shipping accuracy to help you and your organization. We understand that organizations always need to prepare for customer complaints and satisfy the market demand. To meet your requirements, we will provide you the easiest way in the form of a chatbot from where you can answer customer queries 24*7.

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    Real-time updates

    A customer care bot is a great way to allow your customers to contact you in real-time. It can provide real-time updates to your clients no matter what time it is. Thus, there is no need to hire extra employees to cover every shift. A customer care bot can answer any queries they have regarding the products or services.

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    Handle complaints and requests

    Research suggests that eight out of ten times, a customer will continue his relationship with a firm even after a complaint is raised, but only if the company has fixed the situation. Customer care is all about how you can satisfy your customers in a positive manner. If you do not want to miss an opportunity to handle customer complaints and requests on time, developing a customer care bot is the best option for you.

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    Troubleshooting and bug fixing

    A troubleshooting and bug fixing bot can help customers in resolving their problems quickly. It can also teach them basic tips on how to fix common errors so that the customers do not have to depend on anyone. Such a bot will be a tremendous help to any company that has to send out field service technicians.

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    Help customers with booking issues

    Softweb Solutions can help the aviation, hospitality, entertainment and public facing companies handle their customer service in a smarter manner. Our customer service bot can help companies answer commonly asked questions and help them find the right option when it comes to making a choice.

Business benefits of using a customer care bot

Exclusive customer service
Faster purchasing process
Real-time status updates
Increased product engagement
Relevant and proactive messaging process
Self-service portals

Develop bots that work across all
the leading social messaging applications

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Our bots are compatible with the most popular collaboration channels, thus extending your reach.



We take a personalized approach to design, develop, and deploy intelligent bots according to your business requirements.



Our bot development service adopts a faster and easier approach so that you can reap maximum business benefits.

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