Why you should create an AI-driven bot for your hospitality business

The hospitality sector is ideally placed to take advantage of the bots revolution. An AI-powered chatbot would offer guests with instant 24/7 assistance, real time recommendations, personalized offers, all of which would eventually increase customer loyalty and ROI.


Elevate guest experiences to build a loyal customer base

Softweb Solutions can help the hospitality industry to gain and retain more customers by improving their hospitality experience. Organizations in the hospitality industry; may it be hotels, restaurants, or tourism need to assist their customers on a daily basis. Answering customer queries and guiding them through the path is a binding task that consumes a great deal of time and resources.

A hospitality bot is the answer to all the interactions that are otherwise handled manually by your business. Customers can carry out an endless list of functions by interacting with different types of hospitality bots. They can book their flights, order their food, or upgrade their services in a hotel, all of it, just by sending a simple message to the respective bot.

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    Hospitality Bot Use Cases

    • Hotels and motels
    • Restaurants
    • Resorts
    • Bars
    • Cafes
    • Travel agents
    • Nightclubs
    • Tour operators

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    Provide personalized solutions

    Hoteliers have to muddle through a lot of customer issues and come up with a customized solution for the same. Guests often have special requests, which can be addressed once you employ a hotel bot. Whether the guest needs some add-on amenities or wants to make changes to their reservations, a bot can guide them through the process.

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    Better service

    Hospitality bot can take care of guests’ requirements to make their stay more comfortable. Guests can text the bot in case they require room service, eliminating the need to interact with humans for basic necessities. This can highly upgrade the service that a hotel provides, sparing the employees for more complex tasks that require a human touch.

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    Revamp order processing

    For restaurant owners, a food ordering bot can prove to be a game changer. Customers can order food using the restaurant’s chatbot and their favorite food would be ready for take away or delivery. Using AI-based bot for order processing, restaurants can know about their regular customers and provide them with additional offers.

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    Reach out to potential customers

    Restaurants and bars can expand their reach by raising awareness among potential customers. Depending on customers’ location, a restaurant or bar locator bot will suggest nearby places to grab a bite or have a drink. It can also provide customers with a map to the location and a list of “Must try” recipes or cocktails after knowing the customer’s tastes and preferences.

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    Be there for customers when they need you

    A bot can know where the customer is and what he’s up to based on the previous conversation. Due to such knowledge, bots can offer help to customers in case they require something to make their journey better. A hospitality bot can gather information to guide you through places, especially when you are in a new city.

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    Make booking and planning simpler than ever

    A travel assistant bot can help customers not only finalize a destination for their vacation trips but also assist them in booking flights and hotels. If your business is related to travel and tourism, you can help your customers reach wherever they want to, by simply using a chatbot.

Business benefits of using a hospitality bot

Virtual assistance
Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
Multilingual responses
Multichannel support
24/7 availability
Reduce employee overhead

Develop bots that work across all
the leading social messaging applications

Still not convinced that guest experiences gets better
with a hospitality bot?

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Our bots are compatible with the most popular collaboration channels, thus extending your reach.



We take a personalized approach to design, develop, and deploy intelligent bots according to your business requirements.



Our bot development service adopts a faster and easier approach so that you can reap maximum business benefits.

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