Why you should create an AI-enabled bot for your HR department

Instead of wasting time on mundane tasks, the HR team must have a bot that performs all the tasks on behalf of HR executives, making things easier for employees as well as the HR team, creating a win-win situation. Creating AI-powered bots for HR will streamline and personalize the HR process for seasonal, temporary, part-time, and full-time employees. The onboarding process can also be made better by using NLP and ML based chatbots.


Transform your workplace using our HR bot development services

The HR executives remain occupied in a lot of tasks like answering the queries of existing employees, hiring and welcoming new employees, updating systems and organizing events. HR executives of most organizations are aiming to enhance communication and recruitment and keeping existing employees happy so as to increase retention. An HR bot can help the team to perform all these tasks quickly and efficiently. Our HR bot developers build customized bots for your workplace as per your needs and budget.

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    Optimizing recruitment process

    Recruitment bot makes the hiring process easier and quicker and it gives hiring managers and recruiters more time to focus on interviews and closing offers. The bot can ask questions, screen through qualifications and update applicants on behalf of an HR. It can also rank candidates based on factors like qualifications, interests and other metrics.

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    Making inquiries easier for employees

    Bots can respond to the queries of employees and make human-like conversations to assist them so as to make everyday tasks easier and save HR’s time. If an employee gets married during his employment in an organization and he wants to inquire about adding his spouse to his health insurance, he can talk about it to the bot without having to interact with the HR department.

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    Updating the system becomes easier for the HR department

    Making the most of the existing systems and keeping them updated from time to time is one of the most important tasks of HR executives and managers. If an employee retires, it is the duty of the HR department to make sure all the accounts and permissions of that employee are deactivated from the system. A bot can help in this regard.

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    Employees can update their profile easily

    Every organization has a system that consists of employee profiles and each profile has got all the information about that particular employee. If an employee changes his address or contact number, instead of updating it on his own or asking HR person to do it, he can just ask the chatbot to replace his old address or contact number with the new one.

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    Turning employee plans into actions
    without HR involvement

    Gone are the days when employees had to go to the HR department to ask for a holiday list or submit a leave request. Employees can ask the bot to provide them with the list of holidays and also ask it to apply for leaves on a particular date, which can be sent directly to the manager for approval. No more sending leave request emails and no more wasting time to apply it in the system. Just ask the bot to do it and it will be done right away!

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    Making new employees feel comfortable
    with bot-driven onboarding

    It is always a good idea to make new employees feel comfortable and the best way to do it is to initiate a dialog with them and make them aware of the rules and policies of the organization. Now, these tasks can be done by a bot without involving the HR team. An HR bot can send a welcome message to a new employee giving him some documents to refer to and get the conversation flowing.

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    Making enrollment and management of employee growth programs easier

    Every employee wants to grow in the organization where he is working. He can do this by constantly enhancing his skills and learning new ones. So instead of emailing or calling the HR department, an employee can ask the bot if he wants to know about any courses and he can also ask it to register his name in a particular program.

How an HR bot can take your workplace to the next level

Smarter recruitment policies
Accurate payroll
Talent management
Increased employee satisfaction
Efficient training
Improved communication
Streamlined work process
Increased employee retention
Better employee engagement

Develop bots that work across all
the leading social messaging applications

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