IBM Watson cognitive services includes natural language processing, machine learning, and real-time computing power to scrutinize huge amounts of unstructured data such as documents, emails, journals, social posts, and more – to answer questions rapidly. Just as humans, Watson learns from experience as well as instruction.

Our team can help you in unleashing the potential in all types of data, whether it is internal, external, voice, visual, structured, or unstructured to make it work for your business growth. Our approach to making your organization a full-fledged cognitive enterprise is comprehensive and concrete.

Leverage the best that IBM Watson has to offer with Softweb’s expertise


Evaluate and interpret all of your data, such as unstructured text, images, video, and audio.


Give personalized recommendations based on a user’s behavior, tone, and reaction.


Make use of machine learning to develop the subject matter expertise in your systems and apps.


Build chatbots that can engage in conversations and interactions using IBM Watson.

Softweb’s expertise in IBM Watson can help you in the following industries


Offer seamless shopping experience by engaging customers and resolving their problems. Also help sellers to showcase the right products and to simplify the payment process.


Provide educators with suggestions on how to improve their method of teaching by letting them know the learning styles, skills, and interests of students.


Supports manufacturers in efficiently optimizing their performance and in decreasing downtime to help them in intelligent asset as well as equipment management.


Enhances agent’s decision making by providing right data and helps in detecting fraudulent activities. It can also help in improving customer experience and SLA response time.


Helps in reducing operational costs and make informed decisions by analyzing the present life events, market conditions, client’s past decisions, and current offerings.


Enhance decision making regarding vaccine releases, thus supporting doctors in making detailed diagnoses and delivering more personalized patient care.


Implement proactive changes to ongoing campaigns after understanding individual customer behavior in order to increase conversion rate and brand loyalty.

Supply chain

Reduce risks by automating the procurement processes. Moreover, deliver orders on time by simplifying the order management, inventory management, and shipment tracking.

Human resources

Improve recruiter productivity and eliminate HR-related intricacies. It also facilitates employees with learning recommendations based on their roles and career development plans.


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