Why you should create a bot for your manufacturing unit

The manufacturing industry is well-suited to take advantage of chatbots. Manufacturers can create a chatbot to help their employees get accurate information regarding various processes and production levels quickly, eliminating the need to log into ERP and CRM systems.


Streamline mundane tasks of your factory by developing AI-enabled bots

With employees in manufacturing units struggling to keep up with multiple platforms, bots will work as a tool that streamlines their approach and gives them access to the high amount of data on any messaging application of their choice.

By creating AI powered bots for your workforce, you can automate and streamline various labor-intensive and routine tasks. Also, your employees can stay updated without being platform dependent or be tied to specific devices. They can get updated information on any mobile device that can host the messaging application. Our bot developers are experts in delivering easy to use, convenient and productive bots that support your manufacturing processes and in generating high ROI.

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    Supply chain bots for a manufacturing unit

    A supply chain management system is essential for the manufacturing industry to enable improved inventory, shipping and a great amount of information to optimize labor and resources. Create supply chain bots to boost productivity and engagement by streamlining interactions amongst employees and within departments. With a bot for supply chain, get real-time status updates on the manufacturing process, goods produced, goods distributed and goods returned. Keep track of purchase order, inventory in-stock and out-of-stock, generate reports for shipping notifications, freight shipments and more.

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    Sales assistant bot for manufacturing unit

    Sales and marketing are the most important departments in a manufacturing company since they sell the products that you manufacture. Build sales rep bots to foster sales and marketing activities in order to improve sales productivity and your bottom line. By using a bot for sales, you can provide personalized, targeted relevant information to the sales team and prospects about products. The sales team can get the latest update on the product strategies, marketing collaterals, and sales targets defined, as well as attain sales reports details pertaining to prospect’s accounts, contacts, opportunities and tasks on-the-go.

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    Invoice tracking Bot

    Customer service professionals must have a strong omnichannel presence, reduced response times, and be available for customers in their preferred channels. Develop customer service bots to have a human-like conversation with customers offering real-time support and making daily functions simpler, faster, yet effective. Using a bot for customer service, interact and maintain strong customer relationships. Engage and respond to customer queries/complaints promptly, keeping them updated about the status. Boost brand equity with valuable customer and business insights along with group product and service offerings.

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    Accounting bots for a manufacturing unit

    Build an accounting or a bookkeeping bot to reduce manual work, go paperless and have information at your fingertips. With a bot for accounting, keep a track of all your financial reports, income, expenses and tax payables anytime. Access and scan bank statements, sales receipts and send invoices to customers when needed. Check ledgers, account receivables and payables and get contact details of customers, generate their bills and more.

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    Human Resource bots for a manufacturing unit

    Human resource professionals have to improve usage of existing systems and processes to help employees make better use of resources without the need of interacting with the HR department. Develop HR bots to provide effective assistance to employees and make day-to-day activities smoother. With an HR bot, employees can ask for official forms and instructions to fill in or make changes in your company policies. Also, add/edit/delete your personal information, request, withdraw and check your leave status on the move.

How manufacturing bots can take your factory to the next level

Integration with enterprise software
Various role-specific bots
Supply chain bots
Real-time reports on any device
Quality control bots
Streamlined work process

Develop bots that work across all
the leading social messaging applications

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