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Softweb’s expertise in Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services are a suite of cloud-based REST APIs and SDKs driven by machine learning which helps in developing applications that understand as well as interact with a rapidly increasing set of multimedia data such as images, texts, audio files, and videos.

Vision Services

Allow your applications to understand everything from faces to feelings in videos and images.

Speech Services

Let your apps hear and speak to your users with speaker identification, intent understanding and noise filtering.

Language Services

Enable your applications to process text and learn how to find out what your users are searching for.

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Why choose Microsoft Cognitive Services

  • Easily create customized product with REST APIs.
  • Make the same API code applicable on Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Have the option to integrate into the platform and language of your choice.
  • Created by experts with experience in Bing, Microsoft Research, and Azure ML.
  • Get huge community support, qualitative documentation, as well as sample code.

Speech recognition and translation app can help medicine practitioners to remotely provide verbal assistance and services to patients in various languages.


Face detection and tracking application can help retailers identify loyal customers. Text analytics can help them sort through customer feedback.


Gain insights on the view count, viewing time, and demographic data of people who have watched the advertisement with the use of computer vision.


Computer vision services can assist farmers in crop monitoring, sorting plants, gathering crop information, and enable effective cattle health monitoring.


Speech recognition services in field automation can support field staff in finding the best route to reach the destination, and provide a better data entry and form-filling process.

Customer service centers

Text analytics can improve customer engagement by understanding the context of calls, thus enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the cost involved.

Softweb’s expertise in Microsoft Cognitive Services can help you in the following industries

  • Healthcare

    • Heart disease prediction
    • Improved patient engagement and satisfaction
    • Predicting and reducing the readmissions rate
    • Detecting fraud appointments
    • Predicting the medical equipment failure rate
    • Improved diagnostics and better treatment recommendations

  • Finance/ banking

    • Fraud detection in online financial transactions
    • Personalized customer experience
    • Better decision making for managers
    • Future transactions and recession predictions
    • Risk management and trading recommendations
    • Better customer engagement with virtual agents

  • Telecom

    • Document classification
    • Improved effectiveness of network engineers
    • Failure prediction of the devices and network
    • Predictive maintenance capabilities
    • Helps in designing new products

  • Customer service centers

    • Better customer experience and retention of customers
    • Automated product recommendations for customer support
    • Better customer engagement with virtual agents
    • Personalized self-service for customers

  • Retail

    • Customer churn predictions
    • Personal campaigns
    • Market basket analysis
    • Sales forecasting capabilities
    • Customer segmentation and profiling
    • Customer retention and loyalty


Text analytics application for detecting sentiments

  • Get to identify the existing trends and customer preferences through textual opinions.
  • Helps in understanding customers’ attitude: positive, negative or neutral attitude about an event, product, service and more.
  • Improve customer service, products, experience, satisfaction and results using textual data.
  • The level of customer engagement can be understood with text available on social media platforms, surveys, comments and reviews posted on the sites.
  • Facilitates a better research process and decision-making for effective roadmaps.

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Text analytics service in contact centers

  • Facilitate higher loyalty and incremental purchases.
  • Predict and decrease customer churn.
  • Enhance operational efficiency and cut costs.
  • Understand the context of the calls.
  • Improve customer engagement and grow the business.

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Text analytics services for the retail sector

  • Text analytics helps retailers in finding and resolving retail fraud in many ways.
  • With the help of insights extracted from text mining, retailers can perform inventory optimization.
  • Facilitate retailers in handling and analyzing large amounts of unstructured data, from Facebook posts or Pinterest pins and identify sentiments and opinions of the customers.
  • Helps in knowing how a customer came to make a purchase or what was their path to purchase for buying a specific product.

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Chatbots at your doorstep – No Humans Please!

  • Conversational UX best practices
  • Bot implementation strategies
  • Chatbots with deep machine learning
  • Smart chatbots with cognitive services
  • Recent updates in MS Bot framework
  • Chatbots benefits for enterprises
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