Why you should create a bot for your retail outlets

The retail sector can derive great value from bots. Retailers can create a chatbot that interacts with their customers and gives them advice on what to buy, carry out basic customer support and even help employees with their jobs. The bots can be deployed for both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores.


We are a retail bots maker and we help retailers improve customer service and engagement

Shoppers are always looking for quick and easy ways to find the best product with the best deal. If you help your customers do that, you win half the battle. We help you provide personal engagement to your customers and address their needs in real-time with our world-class retail bot solutions.

AI-powered chatbots for retail can be leveraged to answer questions asked by customers, deliver meaningful advice, make everyday shopping easier, faster and more convenient. Besides, using intelligent chatbots will optimize agent efficiency, eliminate customer wait time and drive higher ratings, respond round the clock and deliver much more than traditional methods of customer service.

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    Give a warm welcome to make a great first impression

    Customers expect a warm welcome when they enter your store. How do you think you can achieve the same level of prestige in an online store? A well-made chat service can complement and re-create that exceptional experience online.

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    Assist and give intelligent product recommendations

    The personal shopping assistant helps customers to begin with a series of multiple choice questions to help them find the right products. Such an interaction seems to be authentic and not robotic, giving customers a real, conversational shopping experience.

    Assist and give intelligent product suggestions

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    Make offers

    Bots can provide awesome deals to your customers. For example: if a customer uses a coupon, a bot can offer another one to use for the next time. This will ultimately keep customers happy and reduce customer churn.

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    Make product search easier

    Customers can easily ask your bot to search for a particular item and the bot will find relevant product images. Customer can then click on an image that is closest to his requirement which takes him to the product page.

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    Makes post sales tasks convenient

    No more over-burdened customer service staff anymore! Your bot can serve customers better once they place the order. It can send receipts, provide shipping and tracking information, and answer all order-related questions.

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    Help people choose the best option

    A bot can be used in situations where customers are reluctant to talk about sensitive topics. For some users, discussing their needs in a face-to-face manner might be embarrassing. Customers can talk about their problems and a bot can give solutions to those problems.

How a retail bot can take your store to the next level

Enhance customer service
Drive customer engagement
Increase repeat purchases
Increase customer loyalty
Stay ahead of competitors
Generate more revenue

Develop bots that work across all
the leading social messaging applications

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