Why you should create an AI-based bot for your sales and marketing departments

When you create a chatbot for your sales and marketing employees, you free up their time to let them focus on their core work. An AI-driven chatbot for your marketing and sales teams is helpful in optimizing the workflows, building stronger relationships with customers and engaging more customers. They are also useful in other tasks like creating and accessing reports, checking and booking flight tickets, and scheduling meetings.


Win more sales by deploying our sales and marketing bot

One common challenge faced by sales and marketing executives of most of the companies is that they spend too much time in mundane tasks, which ultimately hinders the success of the organization. However, with the arrival of bots, this problem can be easily solved. A bot can take care of these tasks allowing sales and marketing teams to invest time in converting prospects to customers.

We are a sales and marketing bot development company that builds customized bots tailored to the specific business needs. Talk to us to know how AI and rule-based bots can help your employees become more efficient.

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    Schedule meetings in no time

    Sales and marketing teams spend most of their working hours in meetings. Scheduling a meeting is something that takes a lot of time, so if that could be automated it would save them a lot of time. Now, you can give details like date and time, attendees and subject, and a bot can schedule a meeting for you.

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    Check flights and book tickets via chat

    Sales and marketing professionals tend to travel a lot to attend events or meet prospects. Booking flight tickets can be a hassle at times. So, why not ask your bot to do it for you? We can develop a bot that can book your flight tickets as per your requirements.

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    Get reports the way you want instantly

    Sales and marketing executives want to access a lot of reports. Instead of wasting time in looking for the documents, they can now ask the bot to send them a report and that too with the specific requirements.

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    Keep track of expenses

    Sales and marketing professionals have to spend a lot of money on travel and entertaining clients when they go for meetings. They need to keep track of all the expenses and finally send reports at the end of the month. You can now ask the bot to keep adding your expenses to your expense report as you spend.

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    Don’t miss opportunities while you are on vacation

    No one likes to miss an opportunity any time, any day. So, when sales and marketing professionals are on a vacation and they still do not want to miss any opportunity, a bot can help. If the bot finds a meeting request from someone, it sends the request to you and asks what to do about it so that you do not miss out on any prospect.

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    Make onboarding easy and save time

    A new employee might take some time to adjust. However, a bot can help him feel comfortable and get started quickly. A bot can help a new sales and marketing executive get started easily.

Business benefits of investing into a sales and marketing bot

Read and update reports via chat
Ensure document confidentiality
Schedule meetings via chat
Easy expense tracking
Easy access to all documents
Makes telecommuting more efficient

Develop bots that work across all
the leading social messaging applications

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