Why you should create an AI bot for handling everyday tasks in your organization

No matter which industry you are in and whatever kind of clients you are serving, your employees have a lot of routine tasks that can be done in a much smarter manner. By building an AI-enabled chatbot for your workplace you can manage everyday tasks efficiently, improve internal processes and employee productivity.


Automate workplace tasks and save your organization’s valuable time.

Softweb Solutions can make things easier for you and your employees. We will provide a central interface for your users in the form of a workplace productivity bot, from where everyone in your organization can communicate in a quick and easy manner. You can have an easy to use messaging bot with fine-grained controls and policies that mitigate corporate risk.

These bots can be deployed for a wide variety of purposes and based on how you want to set them up, they can interact with the existing database systems in your organization to fetch relevant information for the employees.

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    Quickest way to schedule a meeting

    Often employees are not able to fix a meeting with other employees due to lack of communication or they find it difficult to find a common timing. In such a case, an office productivity bot can help them in scheduling a meeting that is suitable for all the other employees. A bot is the quickest way to connect with other employees as it can communicate with many employees at the same time.

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    Cost-effective travel booking

    Employees who have to travel for work are often unable to find a flight that is reasonably priced and at a convenient time. This means that they end up paying more even though a better bargain could have been found if more time had been spent on this task. A bot that handles employee travel plans can help the company save a lot of money and also the time of its employees.

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    Employees can get tech support quickly

    Employees often face technical issues while working and most of these are minor issues that can be solved quickly if the proper tech support is available. A tech support bot can be very useful in these situations. It can guide employees on how to fix these issues and save the time of the IT department so that they can focus on more serious issues such as security, enterprise app store management and so on.

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    Boost employee motivation

    It is very important for employers to motivate their employees by providing them the environment that can boost their self-confidence and motivate them for long-term projects. Softweb Solutions helps business owners with a stress-free solution in form of a chatbot that can keep motivating all the employees in such way that employees can feel they have an organization that is interested in their well-being.

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    Analytical reports at your fingertips

    With Softweb Solutions, decision makers can get analytical reports at their fingertips. Bots can provide all types of analytical reports to higher authorities while taking care of all the security issues. With workplace productivity bots, business owners can monitor all the departments of the organization no matter where they are.

Business benefits of using an office productivity bot

Increase collaboration among teams
Quick product/service information
More effective communication
Hassle-free meeting arrangements
Automate mundane work activities
Better project management

Develop bots that work across all the leading
office collaboration and productivity tools

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Our bots are compatible with the most popular collaboration channels, thus extending your reach.



We take a personalized approach to design, develop, and deploy intelligent bots according to your business requirements.



Our bot development service adopts a faster and easier approach so that you can reap maximum business benefits.

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